Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hold It

If we use our accessories to bring creativity, uniqueness, and personality to our outfits, 
shouldn't they be displayed in a like manor?

I think so.

I took this guy from my chiropractor's office.
With permission, of course.

For my necklaces...
I saw a similar idea online not too long ago, and asked my man to execute the idea for me. 
He did, wonderfully. 

 My earrings, rings, and some bracelets
are contained with two different candle holders-turned-jewelry-holders.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with my hats...

And, because I couldn't ignore this guy...
I bought him because he makes me laugh.
Even more so holding a pencil. 

So there you go.

Get creative with things today. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Minnesota Trip

As always when I have a million pictures, I try not to say too much. Too many pictures + too many words = being forced to sit and look at someone's slide show. Instead, I'll let the photos do most of the talking.

Sunrise on the way out of Colorado.

 We stopped in Virginia (a town in MN) to look at the big iron ore mining trucks. The area where these trucks are will not be there much longer, as they are soon going to start mining under this hill. 

Here are a couple views of the mining. 
Above is a current mining operation. 
Below is an old mined area now filled with water.

 Pretty much one thing mattered for my man: fishing.



 Photos from a hike to Vermillion Gorge:

 There are signs along the trail. 
This one mentions the Yogoslavians (now Croatians) - my people.

 Water fight. I won. Of course.

 Time for water sports:

 Last time I water skied was 2009, and I was so sore for days afterward I swore I'd never do it again. My cousin convinced me to give it another try, and I didn't have any problems getting up or any soreness this time. Pretty sure it's because the skis were the size of buses.

Benjamin tried a few times, but couldn't get up.

My man did, though!

 Tess was not crazy about the water. She jumped in the first day, and wasn't prepared for it, so it scared her. She also fell in once. But when these ducks swam by, and she realized she couldn't reach them from shore, it was the only time she went in voluntarily.

 Josiah ended up catching the biggest fish of anyone.

 He was very proud of himself.

 A few random pix:

An early morning row.
 Dog on dock.

 Returning from a walk with my aunt.

Benjamin is almost as tall as my tall cousin, Paul.

I have always loved the sunsets over the lake.